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Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford upon Avon
Transformation of Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres

AMC Contracts were awarded the Joinery Package of the Transformation Project, working directly for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The package included the supply and fit out of many items including the Theatre Shop and Box Office, Pewter Bars in the Rooftop Restaurant, Sound Room Desk, Quick Change Stations, Dresser Stations, Waiter Stations and mobile Sales Counters.
We were also asked to refurbish the Round Room in the Shakespeare Theatre to its original condition, this involved relaying an intricately designed cork floor.
To preserve some of the heritage of the RSC, some of the original auditorium chairs were mounted on the Heritage Wall by AMC. A feature wall was created at the back of the Restaurant Bars using original theatre doors.  AMC manufactured a large display cabinet specifically matched to the original oak panelling.

RSC bar        RSc bar2

  RSC box office        RSC dresser

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